Dec 4, 2013


Wonderwalls Festival 2013 from The Hours on Vimeo.

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Nov 29, 2013


For those on instagram you’ve probably seen the tag #phibsneedsinstagram.
For a couple of years we have been tagging photos of Phibs to make up for the fact he wasn’t on instagram yet.

But now there is no need, believe it or not, @phibs_has_instagram

Follow the legend here.


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Nov 25, 2013


Wonderwalls went down again this year and l was lucky enough to make the trip up to paint.
Was great to catch up with a whole bunch of good people and paint a wall with Roach & Numskull. We had sunshine, rain, terrible karaoke, rain, beers and a bit more rain. Good times all round!

Great to see festivals like this getting done in Australia. Huge thanks to all those who made the effort to make it happen. Big cheers to The Opening Hours and Verb syndicate & IRONLAK.

Finished photo’s by occasionallygood. Some great photos on occasionally good of other walls as well, if you haven’t seen Askew’s wall then check it out.

Few of my random photos from the weekend as well, thanks all!


















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Nov 14, 2013

Peace. San Francisco 2013

During my recent stay in San Francisco for my 3AM FEMMES exhibition at Whitewalls SF, cialis I completed a 60 foot mural on the side of the Hastings Law University in the Tenderloin. Located on the corner of Mcallister & Hyde st.
A site specific mural of SF’s very interesting history. Peace.

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Nov 4, 2013


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Nov 4, 2013


This week l’m heading up to Wonderwalls in Wollongong thanks to the Hours guys.

Be good to catch up with a lot crew and paint some big walls.
Come past and say hi if you are up that way, should be a huge 3 days!

More info here.


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Oct 19, 2013

Gore Los Cacos First Solo show in Australia



On now not for too long, buy at Chin Chins : 125 Flinders Lane, remedy  Melbourne___gore

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Oct 14, 2013

Lismore Back Alley Gallery

thanks to Nathan + all the people involved with this festival in Lismore… I had a really good time… and looking forward to the next visit…

_lismore burger OG




_lismore _Bird


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Oct 13, 2013

Meggs x 1xRUN “Fortune..” Print

Meggs x 1xRUN recent print release “Fortune Favours the Bold” now online.
2 days remaining to purchase one of the last 13 prints available on the 1xRun site here:

This artwork is from Meggs’ April ‘Heavenly Creatures’ solo show @ Thinkspace Gallery in LA:



Meggs: “This piece was created in March 2013, the original was 46×46” canvas painted with acrylics & aerosol. It was based off of another piece I did, which was a reference to a Nirvana song ‘Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle’.  Frances Farmer – the 1930-40’s Hollywood actress who struggled with alcoholism and was eventually admitted to a mental hospital. She was somewhat of a victim of Hollywood stardom lifestyle which was a reference to the show being in Culver City LA and to my recent move here. The piece depicts the femme fatal in her classic passive ‘headshot’ pose, but as somewhat of a gypsy, juxtaposed against a skull and crystal ball to represent uncertainty and the duality of “fortune”.

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Sep 18, 2013

Byron Bay

thanks Cameron Parr for making this short video of a live-paint project outside Retrospect Gallery on Jonson st Byron Bay.

makatron in byron from Cameron Parr on Vimeo.

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Sep 4, 2013


On August 17 my latest solo show, Arch:Angels, opened at WhiteWalls Gallery in San Francisco.
Thanks to all who came through to show their support opening night, and to the gallery crew for hustling hard with me during install to make this show possible. TLTV for life!

Arch:Angels is part exploration, part celebration and part personal release about the roles of both individual and the state in the currently uncertain social climate and economy of both America & Australia. This new body of work, produced during Meggs’ (currently un-official) relocation from his home-town of Melbourne (Australia) to the West Coast of America, continues his exploration and fascination with the role of super powers, heroes and duality.

“During the time of creating this work I have been dealing with a lot of questions about place relocation, the pros vs cons and the inevitable issues that one faces whilst dealing with beauracracy like Immigration. It raises questions of borders, security and place in general, having to consider when change is necessary and where this change might lead you. It’s an interesting time in social trend where both American & Australian policy and politics and border security is under crises and scrutiny. Interestingly its also a time when pop-culture fascination with the role of heroes, particularly that of classic comic book super heroes is on the rise. Citizenship and security is designed to protect us, but at what point is that too inhibitive of our creative freedom and experiences.”

Part reference to fictional mythological and pop-culture heroism, part reference to current social climate, Arch:Angels implies an ideological fall from grace and looming worldwide shifts of power & state. The idea of the hero, especially the inner torment they face, has always been an underlying inspiration and theme in Meggs’ work. Along with exploring the ideals of traditional morals and gender roles in mythology and pop-culture. “This body of work is a very literal reaction for me to everything thats been on my mind these past few months and directly references my comic book influences and exploring identity issues.”

In Arch:Angels Meggs re-interprets, re-mixes and collages several of his favourite comic book frames and heroic characters, juxtaposing them with classically emotive gestures and iconic symbols such as circles, hands and roses. Both as a homage and nostalgic obsession to the archetypes and artwork which has inspired Meggs since Childhood, when his fascination with the role of masculinity and heroes began in the pages of Phantom comics, superhero cartoons and 1980′s sci-fi fiction. Creating a mixture of solid forms and painterly abstraction, iconic heros, depicted in moments of vulnerability or distress, Meggs creates dramatic composition, dynamic textures which imply both aggressive movement & passive emotion. A continual visual search for that dial balance in life of order vs chaos.



Photography below courtesy of Derek Macario, Randy & Whitewalls Gallery.
Black & white photography by Barrett Moore: /

Meggs-1.jpgmeggs 18.jpg  Meggs-WW-IMG_0484.jpg




IMG_0552.jpg IMG_0572.jpg IMG_0592.jpgMeggs-AA-Showcard.jpgmeggs 13.jpg WW-DM-4.jpg

IMG_0578.jpg IMG_0585.jpg WW-DM-3.jpgIMG_0591.jpgA-stencil-letter-Anarchy.jpg

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Aug 22, 2013

Seth Globe Painter in town for french tv… getting freaky and deeply espiritual….

Seth Globe Painter, nurse Maka, Dem189, Plea, Sirum

Existential peak through to the 11th dimension, bypassing the graffitied vegetal + mineral elements to reveal the balanced cycle of life + death integrating larvae energy flowing past the pyramids through the mayan garden of eden cenote underworld of floral sexual reproduction…….


make up your own meaning.

_melbourne 1a copy copy _melbourne 1a top

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Aug 20, 2013

Mural Festival – Montreal

A short video doco is out of the 8 storey wall I completed for the Mural festival in Montreal earlier this year.
Check it out >


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Aug 13, 2013

Alice Dreamtime Wall

July I spent a few weeks in Alice painting a 50m wall, Many thanks to Ironlak for the paint sponsorship. Thanks to Matty Day for organising and painting on this massive project, It was an amazing experience on many levels, especially to work along side local painter Phil McCormack.

Initially we were going to avoid the dreamtime stories sowe didnt step on any toes, but Phil was the spiritual guide and ended up including a special Echidna at the request of local painter Margaret Scobie to honour her Dreaming animal. Many thanks to the mayor for signing off the permit so quickly, to Phil’s teenage nephew Jessy for painting the volcano, to Lister for the iphone-arang concept, to kirst-eye for the mega-fauna giant aussie dinosaur animal concept, and to Owen Coles of Yeperenye for the funding. More photos etc on

_dreaming wall 800px longsnake makas



lizard bones

perentie 23

phil rainbow




trucking yards

carcass 101_sm

I painted this flag at Phils town camp Nyewente Trucking Yards Community, and this carcass somewhere in the desert south of Alice.


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Aug 12, 2013


Good to see Aeon hasn’t changed one bit since his move to Europe…

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