Jul 25, 2013

Abandoned heads in Berlin

I have started a series of abandoned heads that I have been painting in some amazing abandoned factories and buildings in Berlin. More to come…








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Jun 5, 2013

Unit44 Gallery – INTO THE DARK – Newcastle UK

I am stoked to be included in Unit44′s INTO THE DARK group show, launching June 12th, The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle.
This yearly event featuring the finest international artists and the most iconic forgotten locations and the line-up for this show is pretty incredible to say the least. – Meggs

Exhibition info:

“Inspired by the incredible project from New York we pay tribute to a slice of North East England history in the form of our Victoria Tunnel. Dating back to 1842 the tunnel facilitated the need to transport goods from one side of Newcastle to the other during a thriving industrial boom in the region. However it was during wartime that the tunnel found true providence and purpose. During the Second World War the tunnel was fitted out for use as an air raid shelter to protect those from falling shells. The structure would provide shelter for over 9,000 people at one time during times of fear and hardship.

Now the tunnels provide a completely unique backdrop and prologue to a new body of works from some of our favourite artists. Known for creating a story, a scenario, and true depiction of character we have chosen the true dream weavers to bring this show to life. We invite you to pay tribute to Industry, Resilience, and the Human Spirit in the face of dark times.”

This is the first time the space will have been used for an exhibition of this nature, with only twelve participants able to go ‘Into The Dark’ at any one time, we have limited thirty-minute slots on June 12th. Online tickets will be released twelve days before the event at twelve midday (June 12th).

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May 26, 2013

Meggs – ‘Lone Roses’ Mural – Culver City, LA (USA)

A rose is often referred to as a symbol of hope, love & beauty; and the thorns that surround it as hardship.
I painted this rose around the back alley of the brandedarts complex as a reference to this. A homeless man lives in this alley, we left him a care package of foods etc. as payment for being in his space.

He said the rose looked ‘cool’. I hope it helped to brighten his day…


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May 13, 2013

Abandoned and forgotten

before leaving to Denmark I managed to to fit in a another wall in Dulwich, ed South London. This abandoned house apparently is meant to be knocked down in a year. A few other artists also joined me including Roa, click Shok-1, Run to name a few. I managed to climb on the roof for this nice spot. Maybe no one will ever see it. maybe not…

IMG_4180IMG_4159 IMG_4167  IMG_4184

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Apr 22, 2013


Looks like the curtain is about to fall on the Yorkshire Brewery site in Collingwood, or the Silo’s as it’s known. Appears as though the developers are starting to move their equipment in and set up site offices in the yards. Apparently the development for the sites now been approved and it will soon be home to apartments.

The silo’s has been a big part of the studio for 10 years now, with many memorable missions down there, including the first time l met and painted with Rone and Prism. The site had become a bit of a hub for painting for all the boys living in the area, if you needed somewhere for a quick piece and a beer it was always a great option, l think Aeon might of had a few hundred pieces down there over the years! All the FLY guys killed it down there for years with a huge amount of pieces. There’s even a DUEL piece from 2012 there, they should put the silo’s on the heritiage list based on that alone.

Rone and l stopped by the other day for a look around and get some flicks before the fences go up.

On to the next chapter…



















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