Jun 17, 2013

Heat – Backwoods Gallery – 21 June




Featuring work by Tom Civil, here Stewart Cole, cure Stabs, viagra Dexter Fletcher, Dave McDonald, M.P Fikaris, Fred Fowler, Nixi Killick, Al Stark, Niels Oeltjen, Joseph Flynn, E. Davidson, Izabel Caligiore, Psalm, Hamishi, Regan Tamanui, Luke You & Mayo.

3 Days Only – 21st – 23rd June

Opening night celebrations – Friday 21st June – 6 – 10pm

Backwoods Gallery

25 Easey St, Collingwood


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Feb 24, 2013

Reka residency – Catalogue release

jjArmed With Strings by James Reka



James Reka painted a crooked trail across Europe last year, mind leaving a path of murals in London, rx Rome, Paris and Berlin. The tour was cut short by a shoulder injury, aggravated by graffiti related shenanigans, requiring him to return to Melbourne.

During the recovering, Reka has been channelling the energy built up during the tour into a 2 months residency at Backwoods Gallery, re-fitting the gallery into his studio and forging a series of work which embody the style that he had been developing while overseas.

Now fully recovered, Reka is preparing to return to Europe andBackwoods is left with an collection of work symbolizing a pivotal moment in his career.

As the first project of the year, we’re proud to present the catalogue of work as well as invite you to a private viewing for our collectors, this Sunday the 3rd of March from 2pm – 6pm at Backwoods Gallery.

Click here to download the catalogue [PDF]

Please email [email protected] 


FirstGlanceFirst Glance by James Reka
WindsOfChangeWinds Of Change by James Reka

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Feb 14, 2013

James Reka Backwoods Residency

Reka has been busy since his brief return to Melbourne after a 6 month world tour.
His short residency at Backwoods Gallery is currently in progress, viagra where he is creating new works on found objects and vintage paper. Here is a sneak preview of his new body of work and studio sessions.
For more information on the current residency and catalogue enquiries of the works please visit -

Backwoods Gallery.

reka-residency-9-of-45-642x428 reka-residency-16-of-45-642x963 reka-residency-30-of-45-642x428 reka-residency-33-of-45-642x963 reka-residency-41-of-45 reka-residency-45-of-45-642x428













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Nov 20, 2012

Meggs – Truth in Myth II

Sorry for the delay, finally I’m able to post final photos of the install and main canvas works from my recent solo show at Backwoods gallery in Melbourne.
Thanks again to all who attended for their support! Cheers, Meggs.

More images of process works and recent stuff can be seen via my instagram account here.

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Nov 4, 2012


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Oct 10, 2012

This Friday at Backwoods

Backwoods Gallery presents

A Study of Hands.

An exhibition of hand studies. Opening on the Friday the 12th of October at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. And on Friday the 26th at China Hieghts in Sydney.
Anthony Lister
Ashley Wood
Dave Kinsey
James Reka
James Greenaway
Kid Zoom
Mark Bode
Shohei Otomo
Syunoven + Usugrow
Yuske Imai

Curated by 
Alexander Mitchell

More information at www.backwoodsgallery.com

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Oct 9, 2012

Meggs – Truth in Myth II – Melbourne

‘Truth in Myth II’, Opening on Friday 19th October at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood is Meggs last show for 2012, returning to his home town of Melbourne after a successful internship and solo exhibition ‘Truth in Myth’ at Whitewalls Gallery in San Francisco, and time spent painting in SF, LA and Hawaii.

With the support of Backwoods, Everfresh and MTN Australia, ‘Truth in Myth II’ will feature new paintings, works on paper and installation; exploring the theme of mythology.
“My work has always explored the idea of ‘self-identity’ and particularly the duality of human nature as well as the reference to morals and human interaction. Truth in Myth continues to explore this theme with a more direct reference to ancient mythology and the ‘timeless’ moral lessons and codes that these stories reflect.” – Meggs.

See flyer below for full details:

Photo by Hartleyphoto

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Jul 2, 2012

Complex x Reka – Open Studio recap

Complex magazine was nice to do a recap of Reka’s recent Open Studio. Check it out here.

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Jun 27, 2012

Reka: OPEN STUDIO – Review

Last week hundreds of people came down to Backwoods Gallery to see off one of Melbourne’s most prolific street artists, buy cialis James Reka. Before moving to Europe next month, nurse he put on a pop up show that tied together all of the loose ends of his decade long career. Featuring a final fresh body of exhibited work alongside selected works from 2004 to 2006, fans came down in hordes to pay their final respects to one of Melbourne’s finest.

The new body of work was exclusively painted on rusted found objects such as spray cans, corrugated sheet metal and antique gold-mining pans that were found walking the train lines and salvaged from abandoned warehouses. Referencing his beginnings as a graffiti artist, the walls were strewn with scrunched butchers paper to create texture and act as an urban framework for the works. It was a process-driven concept, with Reka organically using every aspect of the spray cans to create artworks, from turning the paper labels into collages to painting the shell of the can itself.

In addition to this new body of work, Reka pulled a large collection of old works out of the vault from some of his original shows in the early to mid 2000s. Many of these canvases haven’t been seen for six or seven years and produced a huge, esteeming response from the crowd. Displaying works that have been painted over a decade apart, the audience could see Reka’s transformation from being known as having the strongest graffiti inspired line-work in Australia to his now renowned free-form canvases. Whether it is one of his iconic characters from the early 2000s or an incredibly intricate new work, Reka’s style is revered within the community and has continues to influence younger artists. There is no doubt it is commendable to already have such a strong retrospective of work and such a huge turn out of admirers in what is guaranteed to be a long and illustrious career.

Australia is losing one of their best to the bright lights and bigger walls of Europe, but there is no doubt that Reka’s legacy will continue both on the laneway and gallery walls for years to come. Gone, but not forgotten.
- Text by Georgia Frances King.

Some images courtesy of Everguide & Kompound blogs.

A selection of works from the exhibition:

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Jun 22, 2012

Best exhibition feedback ever.

Its good to see the audience response was positive at Reka’s Open Studio last Wednesday night. A review of the opening and pics to come soon…

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May 30, 2012

reka – open studio

“After a ten year career defacing the streets and gallery walls of Melbourne, order Reka is packing up, cialis sale moving overseas and having one last hurrah.

He will be holding an open studio for one night only, displaying a new body of work exclusively painted on found objects. Using spray cans and rusted metal found from walking the train lines and abandoned factories, Reka has organically used each aspect of his natural element to create a process-driven concept, turning everything from the cans’ paper labels to the folds of oxidised sheet metal into self-contained artworks.

On June 20th, Reka is opening up his studio for a behind the scenes look at his new paintings and mixed media works, plus throwing in some paintings from the past decade for good measure. It’ll be an exhibition and leaving party all rolled into one, so come down and join Reka for a one final beer.”

Facebook Event 

PDF Catalogue available now. Email > [email protected]


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Feb 21, 2012

Primary Suspects – Reka solo Exhibition

Reka’s been a busy boy working on his upcoming solo show at Backwoods Gallery. Expect to see large works on canvas, works on found objects and an installation including a short film and 3d elements. This is not to be missed. Check the flyer below  for exhibition details. More info to come shortly…

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Feb 14, 2012

Primary Suspects – Reka

Good to see Reka’s been working hard for the money…

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Feb 6, 2012

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

Im happy to announce my next solo exhibiton in Melbourne this year. The show is titled“Primary Suspects” and will exhibited at Backwoods Gallery opening on Friday 2nd of March 2012. The last week I have been filming and working on a short clip for my show. Here are some shots of the preperation leading up to the actual filming.
I will shed more info on this when it drops…


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Dec 15, 2011

How to put on a art show by Lush.

JESUS VS SATAN ROUND 2 from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

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