Sep 4, 2013


On August 17 my latest solo show, Arch:Angels, opened at WhiteWalls Gallery in San Francisco.
Thanks to all who came through to show their support opening night, and to the gallery crew for hustling hard with me during install to make this show possible. TLTV for life!

Arch:Angels is part exploration, part celebration and part personal release about the roles of both individual and the state in the currently uncertain social climate and economy of both America & Australia. This new body of work, produced during Meggs’ (currently un-official) relocation from his home-town of Melbourne (Australia) to the West Coast of America, continues his exploration and fascination with the role of super powers, heroes and duality.

“During the time of creating this work I have been dealing with a lot of questions about place relocation, the pros vs cons and the inevitable issues that one faces whilst dealing with beauracracy like Immigration. It raises questions of borders, security and place in general, having to consider when change is necessary and where this change might lead you. It’s an interesting time in social trend where both American & Australian policy and politics and border security is under crises and scrutiny. Interestingly its also a time when pop-culture fascination with the role of heroes, particularly that of classic comic book super heroes is on the rise. Citizenship and security is designed to protect us, but at what point is that too inhibitive of our creative freedom and experiences.”

Part reference to fictional mythological and pop-culture heroism, part reference to current social climate, Arch:Angels implies an ideological fall from grace and looming worldwide shifts of power & state. The idea of the hero, especially the inner torment they face, has always been an underlying inspiration and theme in Meggs’ work. Along with exploring the ideals of traditional morals and gender roles in mythology and pop-culture. “This body of work is a very literal reaction for me to everything thats been on my mind these past few months and directly references my comic book influences and exploring identity issues.”

In Arch:Angels Meggs re-interprets, re-mixes and collages several of his favourite comic book frames and heroic characters, juxtaposing them with classically emotive gestures and iconic symbols such as circles, hands and roses. Both as a homage and nostalgic obsession to the archetypes and artwork which has inspired Meggs since Childhood, when his fascination with the role of masculinity and heroes began in the pages of Phantom comics, superhero cartoons and 1980′s sci-fi fiction. Creating a mixture of solid forms and painterly abstraction, iconic heros, depicted in moments of vulnerability or distress, Meggs creates dramatic composition, dynamic textures which imply both aggressive movement & passive emotion. A continual visual search for that dial balance in life of order vs chaos.



Photography below courtesy of Derek Macario, Randy & Whitewalls Gallery.
Black & white photography by Barrett Moore: /

Meggs-1.jpgmeggs 18.jpg  Meggs-WW-IMG_0484.jpg




IMG_0552.jpg IMG_0572.jpg IMG_0592.jpgMeggs-AA-Showcard.jpgmeggs 13.jpg WW-DM-4.jpg

IMG_0578.jpg IMG_0585.jpg WW-DM-3.jpgIMG_0591.jpgA-stencil-letter-Anarchy.jpg

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Jul 14, 2013

SUBURBAN Ian Strange ⋅ 26 July 2013 ⋅ National Gallery of Victoria

We are super excited to finally see this project come to life- if you are anywhere on the 26th of July it should be the NGV.OK enough talk, just watch:

Ian Strange: SUBURBAN from Ian Strange [KID ZOOM] on Vimeo.

Delivering his largest and most ambitious project to date, Australian born, New York based artist, Ian “Kid Zoom” Strange presents SUBURBAN, a multifaceted photography, film and installation exhibition opening at the National Gallery of Victoria on July 26.

Since recreating a full-scale replica of his childhood home inside Cockatoo Island’s Turbine Hall in Sydney, 2011, Strange has continued his ongoing investigation of suburbia. For the past two years Strange has travelled across the East Coast of the United States working with a film crew and volunteers in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire to create, photograph and film eight site specific interventions incorporating suburban.

Suburban presents eight large-scale photographic works, a multi-channel, surround sound video installation along with carefully selected fragments of the original buildings that Strange has saved and re-presents as both sculptural objects and social artefacts.

On the exhibition, David Hurlston, Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria, said, “We are excited to be able to present this ground-breaking exhibition of work by Ian Strange. From his early work as a street artist in Australia he is now a noted contemporary artist with a developing international standing. Strange is fast becoming recognised, both locally and internationally, for his distinctive practice and, in particular, for this new and unique body of work.”

Cinematic in both tone and scale, SUBURBAN investigates the iconography surrounding the family home and its place in the current economic climate. Through the work, Strange articulates his own conflicted relationship with suburbia he experienced growing up in the Australian suburbs, juxtaposed with living in New York City and the United States.

“This project has been all consuming for the past two and a half years of my life”, said Strange. “I wanted to create a body of work that reacted to the icon of the suburban home and to the suburbs as a whole. The suburbs have played an important role in shaping who I am as a person and an artist. The suburbs have always been home, but I have always found suburbia isolating. SUBURBAN is my reaction to that.”

SUBURBAN opens at NGV Studio, located at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Federation Square on July 26.


See you all there!

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Jul 2, 2013

Phoenix Empire – Solo Show – Friday 5th July

The Vic Bar is proud to announced his next art exhibition, salve  ”The Wolf and the Rabbit” by Phoenix Empire.

Self taught Illustrator and Graphic Artist, Creates Mono toned images using ballpoint pen and fine liners.
Phoenix Empire’s style has developed through many external influences including Tattoo culture, Japanese Anime, Nature and Female Innocence, with traces of dark horror and gore. There is always darkness in beauty.

Phoenix Empire works as a Freelance Artists and Collaborating all throughout Australia. Wether it be on paper or sprayed across walls. Show starts at 5pm, Happy hour 6pm-9pm.

6pm-9pm: Dj Likweed (FRA)
9pm-1am: Sammy the Bullet (NZ) feat Badcrop


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Jun 18, 2013

‘Work In Progress’ – Hong Kong

Last week we (Rone, Meggs & Beastman) travelled to Hong Kong to take part in the ‘Work in Progress’ art project in Taikoo Place, Island East, HK.

Hitting the ground running the three of us had 48 hours to complete a large wall mural/installation each, dine in HK style, drink beers and pose for photos in the lead up to Friday night’s launch party – which attracted more than 1,400 people, a lot of vodka drinking and some impromptu crowd bombing/building trashing! Thanks to May, Lauren, Swire, Cyrcle, Spencer, all the artists, all the Dougs & all the local crew who made this whirlwind, sensory overload trip a lot of fun!

“Curated by Hong Kong gallery Above Second, ‘Work in Progress’ is a three-week exhibition which transforms the loading bay and entire 13th floor of a now defunct office space into one of the biggest street art exhibitions ever to be presented in Asia, which aims to change the perspective of individuals about the artistic credibility of street art. Featuring artists from around the world (U.S., Australia, Portugal, France, England, & Denmark) including Beastman, Cyrcle, Meggs, RONE, VHILS, Victor Ash & Cannonball Press. As well as local artists, Xeme, Mark Goss, 4Get, Pantone C, Peter Yuill, brought togetehr by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF).”


Rone, Meggs & Beastman at Work in Progress – Hong Kong from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.















IMG_2575.jpg IMG_2582.jpg IMG_2565.jpg IMG_2570.jpg IMG_2465.jpg IMG_2469.jpg groupphoto.jpg 7292_605163739502132_547743724_n.jpg 1010513_605163419502164_1424472978_n.jpg 1003886_605164109502095_904165261_n.jpg 1009894_605164402835399_589812941_n.jpg

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Jun 17, 2013

Kirpy – Right Train, Wrong track – 21 June

So it looks like there is 3 exhibitions happening this friday night- here is the first one I heard about:

Web Flyer.jpg

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Jun 17, 2013

Heat – Backwoods Gallery – 21 June




Featuring work by Tom Civil, here Stewart Cole, cure Stabs, viagra Dexter Fletcher, Dave McDonald, M.P Fikaris, Fred Fowler, Nixi Killick, Al Stark, Niels Oeltjen, Joseph Flynn, E. Davidson, Izabel Caligiore, Psalm, Hamishi, Regan Tamanui, Luke You & Mayo.

3 Days Only – 21st – 23rd June

Opening night celebrations – Friday 21st June – 6 – 10pm

Backwoods Gallery

25 Easey St, Collingwood

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Jun 17, 2013

New Hunting Ground

Looks like there is great new gallery popping up in the hood this week:


New Hunting Ground will open its doors for the first time at 7pm on Friday 21st June, cheap 2013. The brand new street and contemporary art gallery is located in a unique warehouse space in one of Fitzroy’s last industrial laneways.

New Hunting Ground will showcase the best emerging and established talent from around the world. Located within Juddy Roller Studios, sick a well-known hub for both local and international artists, New Hunting Ground will draw together a varied selection of artists from an extensive global network, in an effort to expose the public to a highly varied range of works they may have otherwise never been exposed to.

New Hunting Ground is Directed by Shaun Hossack, the founder of Juddy Roller Café and co-founder of the annual ILL-Logic Outdoor Art Exhibition.  

The first show, also called New Hunting Ground, will feature artists from Europe, Australia , Canada and the USA. The lineup includes John Aslanidis, E.L.K, Jaws (Da Mental Vaporz), Ears, Does (Love Letters), Adnate (AWOL), Taylor White, Max Berry and more. The full line-up can be viewed on the New Hunting Ground website.


Gallery Launch

Friday 21st June, 7pm

Corner Johnston & Chapel Street, Fitzroy.

Entrance on Chapel St.


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Jun 5, 2013

Unit44 Gallery – INTO THE DARK – Newcastle UK

I am stoked to be included in Unit44′s INTO THE DARK group show, launching June 12th, The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle.
This yearly event featuring the finest international artists and the most iconic forgotten locations and the line-up for this show is pretty incredible to say the least. – Meggs

Exhibition info:

“Inspired by the incredible project from New York we pay tribute to a slice of North East England history in the form of our Victoria Tunnel. Dating back to 1842 the tunnel facilitated the need to transport goods from one side of Newcastle to the other during a thriving industrial boom in the region. However it was during wartime that the tunnel found true providence and purpose. During the Second World War the tunnel was fitted out for use as an air raid shelter to protect those from falling shells. The structure would provide shelter for over 9,000 people at one time during times of fear and hardship.

Now the tunnels provide a completely unique backdrop and prologue to a new body of works from some of our favourite artists. Known for creating a story, a scenario, and true depiction of character we have chosen the true dream weavers to bring this show to life. We invite you to pay tribute to Industry, Resilience, and the Human Spirit in the face of dark times.”

This is the first time the space will have been used for an exhibition of this nature, with only twelve participants able to go ‘Into The Dark’ at any one time, we have limited thirty-minute slots on June 12th. Online tickets will be released twelve days before the event at twelve midday (June 12th).

Check the following links for more info:



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May 21, 2013


For the first time ever we will open our doors to the public.

Sunday June 9, capsule 12-5pm

This will be your chance to meet the artists behind the works you have seen on the streets of Melbourne and your chance to purchase works directly from the artists.


Please register below for the address or click here to register










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May 5, 2013


I just got back from painting in Adelaide as part of Oi You festival.

This is my first time to the South Australia, remedy I hope to get back there soon.

P5051569.jpg P5051571.jpg

Seb humphreys is amazing:



Beastman always on point:

P5051573.jpg P5051577.jpg P5051579.jpg P5051591.jpg

Vans the Omega:


Mr Lister:


And this is my wall:


See more pics over at my blog here

A huge thanks to all the people who made this come together!


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Apr 13, 2013

Meggs – Heavenly Creatures – Opening Night

Thanks to everyone who came down to last saturday’s opening of ‘Heavenly Creatures’ at Thinkspace, in Culver City, LA. Special thanks to all my personal, artist & Pow Wow friends who travelled to make it. Much love!

Was a great night, stoked to see people interacting with the spinning thaumatropes and also congrats to Handiedan on her beautiful pieces in the project room.

Apologies for the delay but heres some pics of the artworks, install and show courtesy of Louis Porter, Brandon Shigeta (for hypebeast) & Thinkspace.

For further information, press release and available artworks please contact Thinkspace.



TSAES-1.jpgTSAES-140.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-16.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-3.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-2.jpg 03Meggs_Chimeras.jpg 06Meggs_Phoenix.jpg02Meggs_Fortune-detail.jpg  TSAES-58.jpgTSAES-288.jpgTSAES-352.jpgTSAES-374.jpg TSAES-436.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-14.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-13.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-10.jpg

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Apr 2, 2013

Meggs – ‘Heavenly Creatures’ – Thinkspace LA

My first LA solo show in 4 years, ‘Heavenly Creatures’, opens this saturday 06 at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, LA. As well as the awesome collage works of Handiedan.

Heavenly Creatures will feature ambitious new works by Meggs ranging from painting, sculpture, and installation. For those in LA, there will be a limited edition print release from myself and Handiedan available from 5pm.

Preview & Media Links:

Thinkspace Link

Juxtapoz Interview

TheOpeningHours Studio visit

“Working across media, the artist will also be creating a large scale thaumatrope as part of the exhibition installation – an antiquated Victorian device used historically to demonstrate the persistence of vision. The thaumatrope in the context of Heavenly Creatures speaks to the stamina of the historical precedent, while also literally demonstrating the recombination of an image as it is optically derived from two distinct parts – an apt metaphor for Meggs’ work. The artist’s interest in fostering an exchange between historical themes and contemporary culture is apparent. Meggs strives to revitalize the aesthetic encounter and to devise new ways for people to experience and engage with his work, whether it be in the context of the gallery, or on a wall in the urban landscape. In Heavenly Creatures Meggs explores the capacity of myth to reconcile the secular with fantasy, and creates work that speaks forcefully to our shared desire for some existential compass.”

If your in LA I hope you can make it down! Cheers – Meggs.


mjd 20130207 ironmind herakut meggs city-119.jpg

mjd 20130207 ironmind herakut meggs city-238.jpg

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Mar 13, 2013

Futura X Hennessy

Futura is back in town- get down to this if you want to meet the man in person:


there helvetica, sans-serif”>For more information about the Hennessy V.S. limited edition bottle by Futura visit:

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Mar 4, 2013

project Melbourne: Endless Perspectives

A good friend of the Everfresh family, case the very talented Mr. Does is staging an impressive project and solo exhibition in Melbourne coming up soon. At this stage there is no date or location. It seems to be all a mystery at the moment…. so check these short teazer clips out.
Looking good mate.

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Mar 3, 2013

Wonderlust X Rone – Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

Wonder and I just completed this huge wall for Pow Wow Hawaii

Kaka’ako is the name of the area where Pow Wow is located so we thought it would be cool to make a landmark piece with a bit of a 80′s style.

Rone X Wonder – Kaka’ako from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.








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