May 5, 2010

Not in the Book Part 6

Meek art work on a road sign- i think this was for a show in 2004

This is talked about in the book but there isn’t a pic, Sync was up on this ledge when the po-po rushed up, lights flashing. He hid for 15mins by laying down. They where right underneath him booking someone for speeding.

Rekas biggest paste-up, circa 2004. Chapel St- there was another po-po incident then also. We were asked kindly to take it into the city, so we did….

Wonderlust- 2004. This is what was put up in the city that same night- this massive hand drawn paste-up. So big it caused a fight.

Reka-2004. Again same night… The Reka pose.

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Apr 26, 2010

Not in the Book – Part 5

Here some more pics that didn’t make the book

Reka- Emtpy Show-2004

Rone – Commonwealth bank -2004

Meek, Rone, HA-HA + more – This was a wall we painted for some live music event in Moonee Ponds- 2004


Wonderlust – Detail from a much larger paste-up – 2004

Reka – Sticker on chapel street – 2004

Reka/ Sync Poster – AMAC scraping their poster off the wall – 2004

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Apr 13, 2010

Not in the Book part 4

Here some more pics that didn’t make the book

Rone- Melbourne-2003

Sync – Empty Show-2004

Reka – 2004


Reka/Rone X Chapel st Local- 2004

Reka – 2004

Rone/ Sync – 2004 – 12 stories up. I think this could have been our first hang over posters?

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Apr 10, 2010

Not in the book part 2

More Pics that haven’t made the book:

Rone- drawing with light

Small artworks on wood for the exhibition we had in Perth at Wasteland in 2008

Reka & phibs work in the studio for the opening show at ‘No Vacancy’ Gallery

A clean desk & a dirty mind

Reka on wood

Miss tints

One of my favourite works in the studio that has never been exhibited. Silver tags on Blac

One Phibs’ many cardboard sculptures

Rack ‘em up…

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Apr 5, 2010

Not in the book part 1

So we are pretty close to finishing the book, so now we have about 50,000 photos that didn’t make the cut so we will start posting some of them on here:

Rone & Sync, Sydney 2004

Rone X Phibs Melbourne 2004

Rone X Hungry Jacks- Punt Rd, Melbourne 2004

Rone slashed. 2004. Under Richmond Station “Art is not Fashion”

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