May 28, 2013

Meggs – Lion of Venice – LA

viagra Verdana, no rx Tahoma, nurse sans-serif; line-height: 22px;”>During April/May time in LA, I stayed in Venice Beach, an area with a traditionally diverse artistic community and history surf/skate culture. Thanks to Brandedarts I had the opportunity to paint a wall at the ‘Love Shack’, a well-recognised Venice Beach local-institution located on Lincoln Boulevard. We decided to paint one of my recent ‘Lion’ pieces as a tribute to the culture of the area and I place I consider my homebase in LA.

Special mention to my homies in the Rose Street house where I stayed, known as the ‘Rosebuds’, the inclusion of the rose on this wall is for you guys! Photography by @birdmanphotos.


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May 26, 2013

Meggs – ‘Lone Roses’ Mural – Culver City, LA (USA)

A rose is often referred to as a symbol of hope, love & beauty; and the thorns that surround it as hardship.
I painted this rose around the back alley of the brandedarts complex as a reference to this. A homeless man lives in this alley, we left him a care package of foods etc. as payment for being in his space.

He said the rose looked ‘cool’. I hope it helped to brighten his day…


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May 23, 2013

Meggs X TheHundreds – Downtown LA

First mural post, albeit a little late, was for TheHundreds new warehouse HQ in Downtown LA (April 2013).

Bobby Hundreds & co came by to film a preview of my ‘Heavenly Creatures’ solo show at Thinkspace, which you can view here, and gave me the opportunity to come see thier new huge warehouse compound and pick a wall to hit-up alongside other talented artists such as our Everfresh bro Madsteez. After Bobby and I were talking about our love/obsession with skulls I decided to do a piece which reflected the phantom comic book pieces from the exhibition and coincidentally tied into the Hundreds new ‘Grateful Dead’ range. Thanks again Bobby & Crew. – Meggs.

Original post on TheHundreds website found here.







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May 22, 2013

Meggs USA Recap April/May 2013

I’ve never been one for journal writing and to be honest am a fairly lazy ‘tourism’ photographer. Most of my ‘personal life’ experiences go undocumented and exist purely in the memories and stories I can tell on a face to face basis. Even with the expansion of social media I like to keep personal life (ie. party shenanigans) off of twitter and instagram and instead be a lot more consistent about documenting my artistic milestones and achievements. And this is the way I prefer it. If you were there then you were there, if not, prob no need to see what it was I was eating, drinking, buying, breaking or falling over.

With that in mind the following is a short and sweet photo recap on the last 2 months spent in LA, DC and SF (mostly LA), where I focused for the most part on painting, partying and hanging in Venice (your imagination can fill in the blanks.)

Following this post will be individual posts specifically documenting the murals I painted in Downtown LA (Hundreds HQ), Culver City, Washington DC (Abandoned Church) & Venice Beach as well a secret California desert location, soon to be revealed…

Thanks again to all my good friends, without whose generosity and hospitatlity, this kind of constant travel adventure would not be possible. Heres to the road more or less travelled! Cheers – Meggs.

IMG_3162.jpgIMG_3403.jpgIMG_3209.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-16.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-14.jpgIMG_3464.jpgda5f87aaa46a11e296c422000a9e0891_7.jpg IMG_3389.jpgIMG_3348.jpgIMG_3494.jpgIMG_3327.jpgIMG_3346.jpgIMG_3293.jpg_MG_0935.jpgIMG_3457.jpgIMG_0075.jpgimage-2.jpegIMG_3752.jpgIMG_3681.JPG IMG_3812.JPG


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Apr 13, 2013

Meggs – Heavenly Creatures – Opening Night

Thanks to everyone who came down to last saturday’s opening of ‘Heavenly Creatures’ at Thinkspace, in Culver City, LA. Special thanks to all my personal, artist & Pow Wow friends who travelled to make it. Much love!

Was a great night, stoked to see people interacting with the spinning thaumatropes and also congrats to Handiedan on her beautiful pieces in the project room.

Apologies for the delay but heres some pics of the artworks, install and show courtesy of Louis Porter, Brandon Shigeta (for hypebeast) & Thinkspace.

For further information, press release and available artworks please contact Thinkspace.



TSAES-1.jpgTSAES-140.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-16.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-3.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-2.jpg 03Meggs_Chimeras.jpg 06Meggs_Phoenix.jpg02Meggs_Fortune-detail.jpg  TSAES-58.jpgTSAES-288.jpgTSAES-352.jpgTSAES-374.jpg TSAES-436.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-14.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-13.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-10.jpg

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Apr 2, 2013

Meggs – ‘Heavenly Creatures’ – Thinkspace LA

My first LA solo show in 4 years, ‘Heavenly Creatures’, opens this saturday 06 at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, LA. As well as the awesome collage works of Handiedan.

Heavenly Creatures will feature ambitious new works by Meggs ranging from painting, sculpture, and installation. For those in LA, there will be a limited edition print release from myself and Handiedan available from 5pm.

Preview & Media Links:

Thinkspace Link

Juxtapoz Interview

TheOpeningHours Studio visit

“Working across media, the artist will also be creating a large scale thaumatrope as part of the exhibition installation – an antiquated Victorian device used historically to demonstrate the persistence of vision. The thaumatrope in the context of Heavenly Creatures speaks to the stamina of the historical precedent, while also literally demonstrating the recombination of an image as it is optically derived from two distinct parts – an apt metaphor for Meggs’ work. The artist’s interest in fostering an exchange between historical themes and contemporary culture is apparent. Meggs strives to revitalize the aesthetic encounter and to devise new ways for people to experience and engage with his work, whether it be in the context of the gallery, or on a wall in the urban landscape. In Heavenly Creatures Meggs explores the capacity of myth to reconcile the secular with fantasy, and creates work that speaks forcefully to our shared desire for some existential compass.”

If your in LA I hope you can make it down! Cheers – Meggs.


mjd 20130207 ironmind herakut meggs city-119.jpg

mjd 20130207 ironmind herakut meggs city-238.jpg

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Nov 6, 2012

Forever and Ever Dreamers – Numskull & Rone

This week i’m up in Sydney getting ready for Wonderwalls but Numskull and I were able to get this done as a bit of a warm up

NumbskullRone-051150.jpg NumbskullRone-061163.jpg



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Oct 8, 2012

Meggs X LA (September 2012)

Another belated post about my travels in California. After the time in SF I headed down to LA to hang out with photographer Birdman and paint a couple of walls in Culver City and Downtown Arts District, thanks to Branded Arts and Daniel Lahoda LA Freewalls respectively.

First wall was a giant ‘American Phoenix’ dedication to Warren Brand at the Branded Arts Complex in Cilver City. Insidentally if your in LA, Branded Arts is throwing a block party Sat Nov 10th.
Also painting close by was Miss Van & Dan Quintana, was awesome seeing them work on such a dope piece and hanging out for a bit in LA.

Second was the ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ wall in Downtown using a classic heart image as homage to the history and hard work of LA Muralists and graffiti culture. Stoked to score a spot next to good friends Dabs & Myla.

Images below all courtesy of Birdman Photos, more image sets found here:
- Birdmans Flickr

Thanks to Birdman, Warren Brand, Daniel Lahoda, Keisha, Miss Van, Chalk Gallery crew and all the other peeps I met who made it a great week in LA!


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Sep 17, 2012

Meggs X SF

Continuing on with some posts from my stay in California, after working on my exhibition in SF, I was able to paint a wall and hit up a roof top collaborative paste-up with local SF artist DYoungV.

The wall was painted in the heart of the Tenderloin as part of my exhibition theme ‘Truth in Myth’. In case you dont know the Tenderloin is somewhat of a ghetto style neighborhood which exists smack bang in the heart of central San Francisco. (pun intended). Need less to say there’s a lot of interesting characters cruising this neighborhood daily.
Whilst Rone was in SF he was lucky enough to be able to shoot the below music video in front of my wall, feat. TL local and full time party gal Mary Pery and the TL backup dancers.
Photography by Colin M Day, video by Rone:

This night-time paste mission was done with DYoungV and the help of Hugh Leeman.
Photography by Shaun Roberts.

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Apr 2, 2012

Meggs – Journey is the Reward – Opening @ Above-Second HK

Had a great time on Friday night for the opening of my ‘Journey is the Reward’ exhibition opening at Above-Second Gallery, Hong Kong.

Thanks to May, Shou, Lucky Beer, my HK homies, Fly nightclub and all who came by the show and after-party for the support and good times!

‘Journey is the Reward’ runs until 17 May.
Address 31 Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.
For more info and Available artwork pricelist please contact: [email protected]

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Jul 16, 2011


Quick run from S.F to L.A.

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May 17, 2011

Long way from home.

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Mar 25, 2011


This guys on the road again – some dope photo’s up on his blog here.

Digging these simples.

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Feb 12, 2011


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Dec 26, 2010


Quick trip to S.A.

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