Jul 10, 2011

Everfresh NGV Studio- Closing Event

Thanks to all that made it to our closing event at the NGV Studio on friday night.
Sorry to all those who got stuck in cold outside, Fed Square red tape meant we had a seriously strict capacity limit. Turns out we can pull a bigger crowd then the upstairs masters exhibitions- ha.

Also a big thanks to the NGV staff, the caterers and Beer Deluxe.

I really didn’t think we could pull this off in the time frame we were given (3 weeks notice) but some how it all came together at the last moment. We were honoured to be given this opportunity and we really don’t know how we are going to top it, but who knows what’s next…

P7081447.jpg P7081449.jpg P7081450.jpg P7081451.jpg P7081452.jpg P7081457.jpg

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Jul 1, 2011

Everfresh at NGV Studio- Closing Event – July 8

All good things come to an end, if you haven’t been to see us at the NGV Studio this will be your last chance.

and if you have it’s time to see what new works we produced over the month

If you are on Facebook. heres the event: NGV+EFC


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Jun 27, 2011

Wreckers Yard

Nice work by Sofles taking out the Redbull Wreckers Yard


IMG_2007.jpg IMG_2113.jpg

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May 24, 2011

Pump the Jam

Grand Schemer Jimmy Bliggs is launching his new range of quality goods at Sure store next Thursday.

Get down there early to pick up a limited edition print from Numbskull

See you there

GS flier back lr.jpg

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Apr 18, 2011

Double Denim

Time to get out your battle jackets:


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Oct 31, 2010


So Just got back From Canberra last night. It was a huge weekend to say the least. The exhibition was 10 time more impressive than expected.

Amazing job by Jaklyn Babington and all the good people at the NGA.


Sync welcomed the crowds


NGA-311149.jpg NGA-311150.jpg NGA-311154.jpg NGA-311155.jpg NGA-311156.jpg NGA-311157.jpg NGA-311158.jpg NGA-311160.jpg NGA-311161.jpg NGA-311162.jpg NGA-311164.jpg NGA-311165.jpg NGA-311166.jpg NGA-311167.jpg

NGA-301109.jpg NGA-301110.jpg NGA-301118.jpg NGA-301125.jpg NGA-311137.jpg NGA-311138.jpg NGA-311169.jpg NGA-311170.jpg NGA-311171.jpg everfresh at the NGA

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Mar 3, 2010

LTRHDS book online

The LTRHDS book is now available for purchase online at NiceProduce.com

> 26 Artist interviews and featured artwork
> Limited edition of 400 prints.
> Hard board embossed slip case

>Printed on high grade paper by K.W Dogget.

For only $49.00 its a steal.

A slideshow of the opening night can be seen here.

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Dec 16, 2009

The dust has settled

The dust has settled after are Halloween party this year. For those who didn’t make it, it was a fantastic night that ended with more police then party goers. Thanks for all the support for James Boags & Canadian Club with a little help from the good people at Lifelounge.

This recap post has been delayed due to the fact we had to sort out what the law makers wanted to charge us with…
It turns out you need a permit to party these days.

Now here are some amazing photos of the night from Luke Shirlaw:

[Gallery not found]

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Oct 6, 2009


I heard some rumors of this on the grape vine but here it is… this will be A M A Z I N G !



I hope we don’t all have to pay $99 to see this?? can someone let us know if that is the case??  I don’t really care for the offspring anymore…

UPDATE: the ‘megarampage’ event has been cancelled due to poor sale I think, but I have it on good word the the artist are still coming out and having there own event.

The event is not cancelled, just restructured.

Somebody is hatin’




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May 10, 2009

The Uppers x Reka One

“Uppers” is a new artist project located in Melbourne’s ‘First Floor’ bar on Brunswick st. Every quarter a new artist is invited to do installations within the whole venue. Reka is the first of these artists to kick it off. Opens 7pm Thursday 21st May 2009.
More info on flyer below…


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Aug 3, 2008

Adelaide 101 show

thanx to Big Jim of Area 101 for organizing this massive mural in downtown adelaide, ambulance and all the party crew that made it a wild trip, generic Special thanx to the makatronix family for the food / house/ ladders + old buff paint (anton, toots, MT) / el synco + fam. free booze everywhere, hills crew for food (nickolaus noodlz der champignon) delts, sam son, dan-os, dlux, and that relocation van we drove back.

finished pics soon:

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Jul 19, 2008

McCulloch Gallery Opening

Thanks to all who made it down for the opening. Shots of the artwork will be posted shortly. Check out niceproduce blog for more opening pics

For those who couldnt make it, doctor it will be open for the next 3 weeks.
Check the flyer for more details.

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Jun 1, 2008

Tall Oaks – Opening Night Melbourne

Last Thursday (29th May) was the opening night of Reka’s Tall Oaks exhibition at ‘No Vacancy’ in Melbourne. It was an amazing turnout and a great night. Thank you for all who came down. Tall Oaks will be open every day until the Friday 13th of June. If you couldn’t make it down to the opening theres plenty of time to see this collection. Click for the flyer. Heres a few shots of the opening and gallery>





Gallery Shots>




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May 24, 2008


I’m sure the Nice crew will have some good photo’s from the No Vacancy show at QV in the city, but here is a few.

It’s well worth checking out, some next level shit.

Well done to the No Vacancy people for making this happen.

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May 11, 2008

Tall Oaks – Melbourne Exhibition

After his successful Tall Oaks exhibition in Sydney, cheap Reka is touring this collection back to his hometown, Melbourne (Thurs 29th May 08). In this collection, the core focus is on the fragile relationship we have with nature. Themes such as Love, Hate, Life, Death, Greed and Charity have been explored with influence from Folk-Lore and Fantasy styled illustration.
The Limited Uniform X Reka Tshirt will also be for sale on the opening night…
For more information on Tall Oaks check out NoVacancyGallery and RekaOne.com

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