Jun 5, 2013

D.O.T.S by Søren Solkær Photography

World-renowned Danish photographer Søren Solkær visited Melbourne briefly this year to document street artists for his photography / book project D.O.T.S. I was lucky enough to be involved and below is the portrait of me he took at my & Steen Jones collaborative ‘Year of the Snake wall’, cant wait to see this collection/book in completion! – Meggs

From Søren’s new website:

“Søren is best known for his distinctive portraits of musicians. He is most recognised as the man responsible for various iconic images of Björk, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, David Lynch, The Arctic Monkeys, R.E.M. and U2.

All the portraits in D.O.T.S. show artists who work in the public space.It is a book and exhibition project that was started in 2012.The aim is to portray the most significant figures in public and street art both on the contemporary scene as well as the pioneering figures.The project will take Søren to the Americas, across Europe and Australia.The book will be finished in 2014.”


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Jan 8, 2013

RonexMeggs – ‘Order & Chaos’ Mural Photo Print Release

In November 2012, Rone & Meggs painted thier biggest collaborative piece to date for the Peoples Market venue in their local hood of Collingwood, Melbourne. Fellow Everfresh member ‘Callum Preston aka Tooth’ produced a video of the murals and markets process which can be seen here.

Sadly, both the mural and the market will come to an end in April, where after the mural is likely to be demolished to make way for future development of the site.

To celebrate and commemorate this temporary artwork, Rone & Meggs are releasing a signed & dated (open edition) photoprint, which will be available from tomorrow for the month of January through Meggs’ COMA pop-up space @ Peoples Market, 64-68 Stanley St, Collingwood. (During Market Hours)

‘Order & Chaos’ Print is 28×20″ (inches) landscape, Durst Lambda 76, on Lustre paper.
Signed, titled, dated by both artists, unframed for $80 AUD.

Sales enquiries contact: [email protected]

  RoneMeggsOrderChaos-700.jpgRoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080710.jpgRoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080716.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080717.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080721.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080713.jpg

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Jan 5, 2013

INSTAGRAM is live! – rekaone

So… I’ve finally bitten the bullet and have joined the Instagram family. No surprise to some of my friends!! I will be using this tool to post behind-the-scenes and progression shots of current works as they happen. Please add me to your many visual friends >>

Search - rekaone

GOPR2443 IMG_0311 IMG_0764 IMG_0909

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Aug 2, 2012

East London wall

I recently finished a nice little wall in East London. The cops are on high alert here and walls including commissioned pieces are getting buffed in an instant. They are trying to make London into a sterile boring (safe) city. Not if I can help it! Stay tuned for more paint on walls…

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Jun 27, 2012

Reka: OPEN STUDIO – Review

Last week hundreds of people came down to Backwoods Gallery to see off one of Melbourne’s most prolific street artists, buy cialis James Reka. Before moving to Europe next month, nurse he put on a pop up show that tied together all of the loose ends of his decade long career. Featuring a final fresh body of exhibited work alongside selected works from 2004 to 2006, fans came down in hordes to pay their final respects to one of Melbourne’s finest.

The new body of work was exclusively painted on rusted found objects such as spray cans, corrugated sheet metal and antique gold-mining pans that were found walking the train lines and salvaged from abandoned warehouses. Referencing his beginnings as a graffiti artist, the walls were strewn with scrunched butchers paper to create texture and act as an urban framework for the works. It was a process-driven concept, with Reka organically using every aspect of the spray cans to create artworks, from turning the paper labels into collages to painting the shell of the can itself.

In addition to this new body of work, Reka pulled a large collection of old works out of the vault from some of his original shows in the early to mid 2000s. Many of these canvases haven’t been seen for six or seven years and produced a huge, esteeming response from the crowd. Displaying works that have been painted over a decade apart, the audience could see Reka’s transformation from being known as having the strongest graffiti inspired line-work in Australia to his now renowned free-form canvases. Whether it is one of his iconic characters from the early 2000s or an incredibly intricate new work, Reka’s style is revered within the community and has continues to influence younger artists. There is no doubt it is commendable to already have such a strong retrospective of work and such a huge turn out of admirers in what is guaranteed to be a long and illustrious career.

Australia is losing one of their best to the bright lights and bigger walls of Europe, but there is no doubt that Reka’s legacy will continue both on the laneway and gallery walls for years to come. Gone, but not forgotten.
- Text by Georgia Frances King.

Some images courtesy of Everguide & Kompound blogs.

A selection of works from the exhibition:

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Apr 30, 2012

Kid Zoom x Reka

After battling the elements for over a week, doctor Im happy to announce that I Just finished this collaborative wall with Kid Zoom in Prahran, Melbourne.
We decided to collaborate on a large side profile of one of my characters. Kid Zoom worked on the eye mask and the top row of the teeth, while I worked on the rest of the face. I’m amazed that the contrast of styles really compliment each other. – Reka

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Feb 4, 2012

A simple question.

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Jan 17, 2012

Girls on Bikes

That Saint Ali lane-way in Melbourne is still getting used for photoshoots. Cant complain really.


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Jan 15, 2012


Reka wall in Richmond > Photo found on the Kompound Blog.

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Jan 10, 2012

Reka – Usugrow – Kami – Toshikazu

Whilst in Tokyo, pilule Reka was invtied to take part in a live painting event with some of Japans finest Artists.
Check his website for more photos of the event > REKAONE.COM

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Nov 7, 2011

No Trespassing

The Everfresh contribution for the Outpost Event at Cockatoo Island, cialis Sydney. More pics to come…

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Oct 11, 2011

New York

After San Fran I dropped into NYC:










This would be a nice colour-way for the Graff Mobile













Creepy & YOK- always cool to see some familiar faces so far from home



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Jul 16, 2011

LightHouse Mural

A couple of weeks ago Reka was commissioned by Lighthouse Foundation to paint the exterior of their 2 story building in Richmond, site Melbourne. Lighthouse is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young people to take responsibility for their own lives. Here are some nice pics and progression shots over the 5 days. Enjoy.

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Jul 10, 2011

Everfresh NGV Studio- Closing Event

Thanks to all that made it to our closing event at the NGV Studio on friday night.
Sorry to all those who got stuck in cold outside, Fed Square red tape meant we had a seriously strict capacity limit. Turns out we can pull a bigger crowd then the upstairs masters exhibitions- ha.

Also a big thanks to the NGV staff, the caterers and Beer Deluxe.

I really didn’t think we could pull this off in the time frame we were given (3 weeks notice) but some how it all came together at the last moment. We were honoured to be given this opportunity and we really don’t know how we are going to top it, but who knows what’s next…

P7081447.jpg P7081449.jpg P7081450.jpg P7081451.jpg P7081452.jpg P7081457.jpg

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Apr 8, 2011


Walked past this today. Crazy shit, advice melted these stickers.

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