Jul 1, 2011

Everfresh at NGV Studio- Closing Event – July 8

All good things come to an end, if you haven’t been to see us at the NGV Studio this will be your last chance.

and if you have it’s time to see what new works we produced over the month

If you are on Facebook. heres the event: NGV+EFC


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Apr 29, 2010

Keith Haring Mural’s future…

So I went down to the meeting about the future of the Keith Haring Mural here in Collingwood- it was great to hear about the history of the mural.

We were also told there is no 100% certain way to preserve it, due to the nature of it being outdoors. No matter what we do it will one day be gone unless it is repainted. But we were also shown some of the close ups of the other sites that had been repainted and they have done a pretty shit job of it. If it was my call I would send someone like Sync or Phibs to repaint it. Someone who knows how to natrauly flow line work like Keith onto a wall.

There was also discussion that it is the last standing outdoor Keith Haring artwork that hasn’t been repainted, but supposedly Keith said on the wall “…do what you want, let it fade or repaint it. Just get any sign writer to do it” There was much talk about preserving the ‘artist hand’ in the work but to be bluntly honest it is a pretty simple technique. I do believe if you found a good sign writer they could bang it out no worries.

Another interesting suggestion was to paint a replica near by and just preserve the original in it’s current state.

The most Confusing part about the whole thing was that even if there was a decision made there didn’t really seam to be anybody to action it. The buildings current owner isn’t interested in the mural but more with selling the property, so it would be a matter of negotiation with the new owner whenever that will be?

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