Jan 5, 2013

INSTAGRAM is live! – rekaone

So… I’ve finally bitten the bullet and have joined the Instagram family. No surprise to some of my friends!! I will be using this tool to post behind-the-scenes and progression shots of current works as they happen. Please add me to your many visual friends >>

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May 7, 2010

Subscribe or Die

Listen to this guy:


We have a new email subsciption mail system- the old one died- if you have been getting emails from us over the last 2 week don’t worry you are al ready on the list. But if not please add you email to our list.

We will be emailing out all the latest exhibtions an other important stuff you shouldn’t miss. Also we will be shortly be emailing out the Everfresh Black book pre order form to all those on the email list. So sign up now or miss out…

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Jun 8, 2007


Keep up-to-date with what’s happening with Everfresh

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