May 28, 2013

Meggs – Lion of Venice – LA

viagra Verdana, no rx Tahoma, nurse sans-serif; line-height: 22px;”>During April/May time in LA, I stayed in Venice Beach, an area with a traditionally diverse artistic community and history surf/skate culture. Thanks to Brandedarts I had the opportunity to paint a wall at the ‘Love Shack’, a well-recognised Venice Beach local-institution located on Lincoln Boulevard. We decided to paint one of my recent ‘Lion’ pieces as a tribute to the culture of the area and I place I consider my homebase in LA.

Special mention to my homies in the Rose Street house where I stayed, known as the ‘Rosebuds’, the inclusion of the rose on this wall is for you guys! Photography by @birdmanphotos.


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May 22, 2013

Meggs USA Recap April/May 2013

I’ve never been one for journal writing and to be honest am a fairly lazy ‘tourism’ photographer. Most of my ‘personal life’ experiences go undocumented and exist purely in the memories and stories I can tell on a face to face basis. Even with the expansion of social media I like to keep personal life (ie. party shenanigans) off of twitter and instagram and instead be a lot more consistent about documenting my artistic milestones and achievements. And this is the way I prefer it. If you were there then you were there, if not, prob no need to see what it was I was eating, drinking, buying, breaking or falling over.

With that in mind the following is a short and sweet photo recap on the last 2 months spent in LA, DC and SF (mostly LA), where I focused for the most part on painting, partying and hanging in Venice (your imagination can fill in the blanks.)

Following this post will be individual posts specifically documenting the murals I painted in Downtown LA (Hundreds HQ), Culver City, Washington DC (Abandoned Church) & Venice Beach as well a secret California desert location, soon to be revealed…

Thanks again to all my good friends, without whose generosity and hospitatlity, this kind of constant travel adventure would not be possible. Heres to the road more or less travelled! Cheers – Meggs.

IMG_3162.jpgIMG_3403.jpgIMG_3209.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-16.jpgmeggs-heavenly-creatures-exhibition-recap-thinkspace-14.jpgIMG_3464.jpgda5f87aaa46a11e296c422000a9e0891_7.jpg IMG_3389.jpgIMG_3348.jpgIMG_3494.jpgIMG_3327.jpgIMG_3346.jpgIMG_3293.jpg_MG_0935.jpgIMG_3457.jpgIMG_0075.jpgimage-2.jpegIMG_3752.jpgIMG_3681.JPG IMG_3812.JPG


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Nov 7, 2012

Bushwick 5 Points

I have been painting a series of portraits of Hurricane Sandy, help after experiencing its force and devastation it left in the last 2 weeks.
This wall is in 5 Points in Bushwick. New York. An area in Brooklyn that has a serious make over in the last 6 months. A great area for street art with its large industrial structures and old factories
I have started my third wall yesterday in Brooklyn continuing with the theme, cialis sale however after todays snow storm I might not be back painting until the weekend. New York weather- very unpredictable.

The flight path to the JFK airport is directly about this area. It made a good night shot.

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Nov 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I managed to quickly paint a wall in Bushwick on Sunday with only 1 hour to spare before they shut the metro system down in New York. Luckily I made it back to lower Manhattan before they did. This was painted on a hall of fame wall with the likes of Wane, look Yes, sovaldi Dabs&Myla, buy Clark, Never, Cope2, Shank and the list goes on…
This is my portrait of you Sandy. You BITCH

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Oct 26, 2012

Clean vs. Raw

The last wall I completed in Berlin before hopping on a plane back to foggy London town. Located in Friedrichshain on the side of Skalitzers Gallery. This wall was a real experiment for me. My focus was on playing with texture and layering block colours in a raw messy style.
I have made a few discoveries out of this piece that I am confident that I can use in future works. For me trial and error is a very important part of my practice as an artist. Please enjoy.

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Sep 24, 2012

Aaron de la cruz

Someone who I met at PowWow last year is Aaron De La Cruz I dropped by his studio to find it was disturbingly clean compared to the way we run things here at Everfresh





Aaron came and painted a wall next to mine that came out dope by using all the shapes of the wall to break it up


Check more of his work here

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Sep 22, 2012

Tutto Bene

I recently finshed painting this wall in Bovisa, sale Milano. Just before leaving to continue my journey to Amsterdam.
Please enjoy!

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Feb 27, 2011

Swoon in Melbourne

Swoon has an amazing show at the moment or at Metro gallery.

She also put a few works up on the street

See more at Vandalog

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Oct 18, 2010

Stabs is big in Japan

Stabs sent me this pic of this monster paste up in Japan


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Feb 17, 2010

Life is a Rainbow of Chaos – Paul Cezanne


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Oct 25, 2009


Just spent a couple of days in Tokyo, not really where l want to be right now but that’s another story. Few flicks from about the place though. Sorry about the shit quality, dropped this camera one too many times….


Missed Rone by about a week.

Sync from ’007. Still a heap of these up down town.


BNE X ADEK. Who’s on top?



Tight parking 101.




Fuck the Buff. This made me smile.

The Yok’s always got the sneaky little spots.

NIce Produce = Nice bar. Alex can find a good bar in any town.

Seriously though…

Might put some more up soon, got a few good shots around Berlin.


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Apr 9, 2009

Mephisto Jones

Found this lovley number on Kiwi born and bread, treat Mephisto Jones is latest inclusion to the Everfresh family. Lets hope he does more of these bad boys on the streets. Nice.

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Mar 9, 2009

Shopping with Rone

Photo stolen from Thisisvandalism. Im sure many a person have walked past this and thought it was a shopfront display

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Feb 18, 2009



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Feb 2, 2009

She should’ve played AFL


Im sure you have all read about Cheyane Back being sentanced 3 months jail for one tag.

I bet if she had played aussie rules football she wouldn’t be in this situation. She could sexually harass anyone she wants. She could go on a rampage, She could beat the shit out of people, She could go on huge drug binges and still have people throw money at her and if she is lucky the AFL would keep her name clean.

She can do all this and more as an AFL player and stay out of jail so im sure if she played AFL the judge would have thrown this out of court.

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