Introducing the Graff Mobile

For the residency at the NGV Studio we created the GRAFF MOBILE.

Special mention goes out to Stabs for his professional help with the vinyl application. Also thanks to Ironlak for taking care of the paint, GIANT for the odd cap or two & KRINK.

And yes, that’s a keg of beer in the back.

Has the buff squad been active in your neighborhood? Unwanted private companies making money with taxpayers dollars removing graff in your hood? Well maybe it’s time you called the Graff Mobile on 1800-MADTAGS.

  P6301339.jpg P6301338.jpg P6301337.jpg P6301336.jpg P6301292.jpgP6301325.jpg P6301326.jpg P6301328.jpg P6301330.jpg

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Jun 30, 2011

20 Responses

  1. jumpy says:

    haha i want it to roll up to my suburb :D

  2. giant says:

    happy to help gents, we thought you should up and have it as the melbs hire car… been great at the ngv, place is gonna look balls without ya

  3. Mad Mel says:

    Out Of Control!!! I wish I owned one of these back in the day LMAO!!!

  4. Paint Ma'Hood says:

    Seriously, please come and make some cool art down the lane way between Rennie Street and Hobbs Street in Seddon and transform it from the dreary, tag infested, alleyway it is now. Happy to sponsor in the spirit of subversion.

  5. plasmo says:

    who you gonna call?

  6. mark panich says:

    Saw some unfamiliar caps in the mobile unit, like the florecent green the all red,and the army green. Can you tell us what they are and where to find them! Thanks.

  7. WONDER says:

    Mark – the folks from GIANT paint hooked up all the caps for us – we gave them the box and they did the rest. Hit them up in the link above, i’d say they’d have the widest selection of caps going around.

  8. f8te says:

    Gotta team up with the Graffomat people.

  9. brandon says:


    those green ones look like the ironlak “sharp shooters”, those red ones are probably the red calligraphy tips, and as far as the “army” ones go, perhaps its a 24k fat cap?

  10. what4.fsk says:


  11. tona ssk says:

    OMFG I want that shit !!!

  12. Zimer says:

    All the pressure sensitive caps (Skinny Pro, Maclaim, etc) have been replaced with green ones. there are several shades of green, each with a different spray radius…It makes sense and they work great

  13. movel says:

    all you need. that’s it.

  14. dan says:

    So cool. need one of these.

  15. i hate you says:

    Another example of how far from real graffitti the everfresh ‘crew’ (wannabe sellout pussies) actually are.

    Big up phibs for keepin it real.

    I hope peezer jacks this van……………

  16. Your mum says:

    LOL-U-MAD? ^^^

  17. Note to self… Make Krink fire extinguisher!

  18. esgu says:

    do u guys travel around or do we come to u?

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