Knock it out

I have a few pieces in a big group charity exhibition coming up in April at Blackbook Gallery in Denver called Knock It Out. Im honoured to be part of such a great line-up of Artists.

“Black Book Gallery is using art as a platform to support Love Hope Strength Foundation’s (LHSF) mission of saving the lives of people with cancer. Cancer took the life of Co-owner Thomas Horne’s twin brother, malady Tim, cheap as well as millions of others world-wide each year. The show titled, pilule “Knock it Out” is Tom’s tribute to all the families,patients, and victims of this devastating disease. ( Everyone, in every corner of the world, knows someone affected by cancer, and on the evening of Friday, April 5th, 2013, Black Book Gallery invites us all to come together to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.”

Check the flyer for more info. Ill shed more light on this shortly…


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Mar 15, 2013

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