Meggs x 1xRUN “Fortune..” Print

Meggs x 1xRUN recent print release “Fortune Favours the Bold” now online.
2 days remaining to purchase one of the last 13 prints available on the 1xRun site here:

This artwork is from Meggs’ April ‘Heavenly Creatures’ solo show @ Thinkspace Gallery in LA:



Meggs: “This piece was created in March 2013, the original was 46×46” canvas painted with acrylics & aerosol. It was based off of another piece I did, which was a reference to a Nirvana song ‘Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle’.  Frances Farmer – the 1930-40’s Hollywood actress who struggled with alcoholism and was eventually admitted to a mental hospital. She was somewhat of a victim of Hollywood stardom lifestyle which was a reference to the show being in Culver City LA and to my recent move here. The piece depicts the femme fatal in her classic passive ‘headshot’ pose, but as somewhat of a gypsy, juxtaposed against a skull and crystal ball to represent uncertainty and the duality of “fortune”.

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Oct 13, 2013

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