Meggs x Phibs Mural @ Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

For Pow Wow Hawaii, Phibs and I painted an (approx) 30 x 30 foot collaborative mural on Ahui Street, Kaka’ako. The artwork is based on a theme of mortality and the cycle of life, represented by both of painting opposing halves of a skull/mask motif, incorporating elements (fire, wind and water) and creatures. I painted ther right hand side, whilst Phibs the left.

Admittedly neither of us are the most accomplished photographers so we’d like to make a special thanks Melissa Findley who took a great set of photos documenting the whole Pow Wow experience (see here) and Cher (@takemophoto).
(We also painted a couple of extra sneaky spots during our stay – photos to come shortly.)

Thanks again to everyone who made Pow Wow Hawaii possible, was such a great time for us all!! Mahalos!! – Meggs.

Wall-shot.jpg IMG_2856.jpg tumblr_mic21bsjuz1s514szo1_1280.jpg tumblr_mi8980ZmIz1s514szo1_1280.jpg IMG_2828.jpg IMG_3001.jpg tumblr_miox3bVIE21s514szo1_1280.jpg tumblr_mig4n3zSs81s514szo1_1280.jpg tumblr_miebxaC1W91s514szo1_1280.jpg IMG_2869.jpgtumblr_mi8axjXScs1s514szo1_1280.jpg tumblr_miox3sjdNY1s514szo1_1280.jpg IMG_0046.jpg IMG_0042.jpg IMG_0019.jpg tumblr_mioxj7mNn81s514szo1_1280.jpg

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Mar 2, 2013

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