Not in the Book – Part 5

Here some more pics that didn’t make the book

Reka- Emtpy Show-2004

Rone – Commonwealth bank -2004

Meek, Rone, HA-HA + more – This was a wall we painted for some live music event in Moonee Ponds- 2004


Wonderlust – Detail from a much larger paste-up – 2004

Reka – Sticker on chapel street – 2004

Reka/ Sync Poster – AMAC scraping their poster off the wall – 2004

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Apr 26, 2010

6 Responses

  1. Hatrodamus says:

    That Amac fellow, he really hates Street Art in Melbourne

  2. The Fecalostonator says:

    He actually reeks of aids medicin.

  3. Crate Safety Inspector says:

    Does his mummy know that he’s standing, unsupervised on a level 2, potentially dangerous milk crate stack.

    I hope he doesn’t expect her to be on hand 24/7 to kiss his naughty fall down boo-boo’s with such a reckless disregards for milk crate safety.

  4. Melbourne City Wedgy Supervision Department says:

    According to the Melbourne city bi-laws, a wedgy of this magnitude needs to be accompanied by a permit approved by the residents and local businesses.

    These laws are put in place for reasons, wedgies my very well be publicly accepted as part of Melbournes vibrant cultural aesthetic, however they are still illegal and its important for the protection of hungry power bottoms and residents alike they they are planned by the Department of Wedgy Supervision.

  5. MrK says:

    that amac guy would have to be the worst thing to happen to melbourne street art.

  6. reka says:

    ANyway… the focus is on the book guys. Id be more concern with that disappearing banksy rat!!!

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