Phibs AKA ‘Captian Safety’ at St Ali.

While everyone else zoomed up and down in scissor lifts like professional tradesmen at the St Ali laneway festival Phibs showed all the kids how it’s done.

Couple of ladders and some thongs (l’m sure there’s a beer in there somewhere as well).

Don’t worry though people, they are double pluggers…. so it’s 100% work safe.

Photo pinched from here – along with a lot more nice stuff from the day.

EDIT: So it turns out l created some form of lame internet shitstorm by linking to some photo off flickr and not ‘asking’ for permission before doing so.

WTF is the internets coming to these days?

l’ve replaced the photo with one of mine (you can see Phibs thongs even better WOOT!)

Feel free to link to it, print it on birthday cards, coffee cups or whatever blows your hair back.

And fuckflickr.


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Feb 10, 2010

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  1. Sam says:

    Dear EF crew,

    How about asking before you just PINCH my shot?
    Read my Flickr profile, I do actually point out that I have copyright on my shots.
    It’s not good enough that you have put a link: I would prefer it if you asked me first.
    And you know what? Had you asked, I would have obliged and sent you the high-res shot!
    I’m assuming that a screen dump was performed since I have disabled the downloading on Flickr.
    Why? Because of people stealing my shit. AGAIN and AGAIN.
    I support many graffiti/ street artists, I go to your shows, I buy your work…so how about being polite to fans who happen to take photos at public events?
    I was even careful about showing no one’s faces.

  2. rone says:

    Hey Sam,

    Im all for credit where credit is due, and I sincerely thank you for supporting us.
    however Wonder posted this with a link to your flickr where as he could have just posted the exact same photo which I took of phibs on the ladder as we joke about his OH&S standards and not credit anyone but he chose to give a shout out to people like you who post this stuff on flickr because we are stoke that people chose to do that. So it really baffles me that you have your knickers in a not over this when if it wasn’t for us your photo would be just another blank wall?

  3. Sam says:

    Sorry, Rone,

    But i don’t find this an acceptable answer.
    If you had the same pic yourself, then go and post that one then, and remove my one and the link.
    I really don’t give a shit: I don’t do Flickr for attention. I don’t spend heaps of time looking at how many views I have, or posting the pics to stacks of groups like some people do. I joined Flickr as a way to archive my shots and document all kinds of art: legal and illegal. I knew something was up when I saw that the pic had more views than anything else in that set of pics, so when I saw that your crew had just pinched it, I was justifiably angry.
    I love your art…that’s why I go out in my (dwindling) free time and take photos of it…I have taken far more than I choose to post, and I have an archive stretching back more than ten years and it would be thousands of pics.
    I just get mightily pissed when people don’t do the right thing and ask me first.
    Wonder could have just emailed me: I have my email available for anyone to see on my Flickr profile, and I do get back to people that ask to use pics for various things.
    It’s just a common courtesy that I expect to be notified. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. reka says:

    Sam, who gives a flying fuck. How about not posting your photos on the net if you dont want people to grab them. This is what happens. welcome to the real world. Im sick of people like you who are trying to get credit for taking photos of our work when there is no artistic merit in the photo taken. If you were some hotshot photographer who was making money off your photography then you might have feet to stand on. The photo was used on our blog and was linked back to your account. You make it sound like were making money off that shitty photo you took. Do yourself a favour and get your head out of the clouds and come back to the real world. How dare you, Piece of shit. Fuck your Flickr fame. Reka

  5. sam says:

    Can you please just remove the shot and the link,
    before I dob your thieving and rude arses to the Flickr administrators and they will ban and block you.
    I asked you nicely. And this is the replies I get?
    You supposedly have deemed my shot “shitty” and has “no artistic talent” anyhow and therefore will see no problem in removing it. You can go and link someone else’s who’s way more worthwhile.

  6. Rone says:

    Dear Sam

    Just to let you know that you have actually infringed on our copyright. and if we really wanted to be pricks about it we have every right to ask you to remove every single photo you have taken of street art down.
    But what we are saying that we are happy for you to infringe our copyright as it is mutually beneficial to us that you take these photos & publish them. We are more than happy for any one to do this as long as it is not for personal profit.

    So I am still wondering why you are upset when where the one who used our art without permission in the first place?

    For more details on our rights see quote below as taken from:

    “… For example, photographing and publishing a photograph of a sculpture or work of artistic craftsmanship that is permanently situated in a public place, or in premises open to the public, does not infringe copyright (s 65). This does not apply to other public art, such as murals….”

  7. blah blah blah says:

    FREE THE INTERNETZ!!!1!1!1!!!!

  8. al says:

    Always had the feeling you were a bit of a psycho. This just proves it…

  9. shit, i will start a flickr then take a whole bunch of photos of everything on the street – put a book out make a fucktonne of money and retire – thats obviously how it works right? douche

  10. Facter says:

    Oh look, another little dude who seems to have got a DSLR for christmas from mummy and daddy who seems to think that they are a hot-shot photgrapher and seemingly has rights over photos of other peoples (c) artwork!

    Sam you should have been proud and pleased that these guys took your shitty little DSLR shot and put it up on their site – instead of them forcing you to take down all the shots because of your (major) copyright infringement.

    Suck it up sunshine, and stop being a knob.

  11. ZOMB!E says:

    No fame like Flickr fame. Sam, Ya blew it.

  12. Sam says:


    1. I am female….I’m not a dude
    2. The camera isn’t even mine, and I don’t have a mummy and daddy, let alone one who would give me a camera. My camera I do most of my “shitty” shots on is a point and shoot Canon that goes for less than $200 these days.
    3. I would’ve been stoked to have gotten a credit and been asked instead of the “PINCHED from here” link, which just deems my hard work with disrespect, and doesn’t actually respect MY copyright rights at all… if any of you neanderthals can even read (much less spell…it’s C-A-P-T-A-I-N for a start)
    I notice that when I go onto members of the Everfresh teams separate Flickr sites, as well as their collective one, they have these little signs- a c with a circle around it = all rights reserved. And that is a copyright symbol that they adhere to their work. They don’t have creative commons licences applied, and they don’t seemingly want to have others rip off their work… While I respect that wish, how fuckn hypocritical…!
    4. The EF crew don’t seem to mind stealing people’s stuff, and not giving a credit (or a shit) There’s evidence all over their blog: see here and here and here just to name a few.

    And gee, that’s so funny, because everyone is bitchin’ about how I have infringed copyright!

    And for the record: I do Flickr as a hobby…whenever I get the time I take photos.
    I couldn’t give a toss about any so-called “Flickr fame” and I have never made one fuckn cent from anything I have taken.

    Bite me.

  13. Sam says:

    …and if you all deem me to be such a “douche” then why has my shitty shot gotten more views than anything else this week?
    You voyeurs all seem to be viewing it…(?)
    Or maybe that’s because you arsewipes are all a bunch of bitches who love a (flaming, lame-o) internet fight!

    Keep goin’ kiddies

  14. Hi guys! ‘Twas a great day wasn’t it?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your back-and-forth banter with Sam (hey I’m stuck in Darwin for a week at my parents’ place… not a lot else to amuse myself with right now…)

    I took a bunch of pics from the day as well, I’m very much an amateur, but feel to check ‘em out/use to your hearts desires!

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Bo says:


    can you please stop linking to your Flickr account in your comments? It is offending me.



  16. PS. Please let me know if I’ve gotten any of the tags wrong?

  17. Sam says:


    I have provided my name, email and URL to prove/authenticate I am not a spammer, or a bot
    (unlike the link to yr name, which isn’t even valid)

    Unlike you, I have nothing to hide.
    And here’s a tip, if the link “offends you” don’t click it!

    Love, Sam

  18. MA says:

    Hahaha Sam – Way to piss off the people who make your photos worth looking at…

  19. reka says:

    Sam can you delete all my photos off your flickr account. If you want to talk about “stealing pics”, ever thought of contacting the artists who you take photos of their work?? Check your stats on who’s infringing copyright here. Delete them. I wont ask twice.

  20. zion mstr says:

    fuck, can you imagine being that person
    living your shitty life in front of a computer,
    giving a fuck if someone links to you fickr.
    gettting all worked up and then arguing with the same people you take a photo of.

    hey and check it out she’s not a professional photographer and uses flickr as a hobby
    i’m glad that big confession is out on the table.

    what would people like this do without people like EFC existing…. the conclusions are more depressing than spending time reading this sad case of an idiot and an internet connection. maybe when they do something worth taking a we’ll all gasp at the same time and the world will explode.

    oh sam, you blew it.
    delete your flickr account and change your name.


  21. Hellblazer says:

    Seems like everyone just wants to get into a shitfest over nothing. What an absolute waste of emotion.

    Personally, if one of my photos was used and a link back was provided, I’d have no issue whatsoever. That’s just me.

    Others may take offence at not being asked first. As was the case here.

    I’m not here to fight Sam’s battles. Hell, she doesn’t need me to do that. But as my partner – she means the world to me like nothing else. Seeing her dragged through the mud like this… well, it chokes me up inside. Big time.

    Her passion for the amazing art you guys absolutely spoil us with, is undying. I can say that without a moment’s hesitation. Attending your shows, buying your art, photographing your work – it is more than a hobby. It is a passion that she and I both share. Fuck, we’re fans!

    Maybe this entire scenario could have been handled differently by all parties. But it wasn’t. And here we are. Slinging mud at each other like a pack of juveniles.

    I’m at a loss as I have no idea how to resolve petty, wasteful internet CRAP but walk away from it and not look back.

    But man, I just hate this bitter taste in my mouth.


  22. Amuse says:

    It’s just the taste of the Haterade. You’ll get used to it..

  23. Tim Rollin says:

    Awesome debate, I am learning alot.

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