RonexMeggs – ‘Order & Chaos’ Mural Photo Print Release

In November 2012, Rone & Meggs painted thier biggest collaborative piece to date for the Peoples Market venue in their local hood of Collingwood, Melbourne. Fellow Everfresh member ‘Callum Preston aka Tooth’ produced a video of the murals and markets process which can be seen here.

Sadly, both the mural and the market will come to an end in April, where after the mural is likely to be demolished to make way for future development of the site.

To celebrate and commemorate this temporary artwork, Rone & Meggs are releasing a signed & dated (open edition) photoprint, which will be available from tomorrow for the month of January through Meggs’ COMA pop-up space @ Peoples Market, 64-68 Stanley St, Collingwood. (During Market Hours)

‘Order & Chaos’ Print is 28×20″ (inches) landscape, Durst Lambda 76, on Lustre paper.
Signed, titled, dated by both artists, unframed for $80 AUD.

Sales enquiries contact: [email protected]

  RoneMeggsOrderChaos-700.jpgRoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080710.jpgRoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080716.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080717.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080721.jpg RoneMeggsOrderChaos-1080713.jpg

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Jan 8, 2013

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