Jul 19, 2013


Finally managed to get car free photo’s of the new Unstoppable wall Rone, The Tooth and I painted in Collingwood for Independence Australia.

Independence Australia is a local community organisation that helps people with disabilities or physical needs with a variety of services.  Also a big thanks to Masters for donating the paint and supplies for the project.

The wall was marked up on a grid and painted over 2 days with only one lift, something l don’t think we’ll be attempting again!

Big thanks to Thomas and Emily for help on filling all the letters. Progress shots below are also by Emily.

Thanks to all the people who helped on this one, was a fun project to donate our time towards.












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Mar 20, 2013

The Buff

Things be heating up on the streets.

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Jan 22, 2013

Don’t Stop

Art instillation on the streets of the Backwoods. Collingwood, decease 2013.


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Jan 4, 2013

Meggs COMA Space – Peoples Market – January

For the duration of January I have a pop-up exhibition in the COMA art spaces, clinic at the Peoples Market collingwood, order alongside my very talented friends Micheal Danischewski x Sam Octigan, ambulance Steen Jones x Melissa Findlay & James Hartley (Esquire!)

Some artworks exclusively available at the Meggs COMA (until end of January) are:
- Limited Edition COMA He-Man plaster cast heads: ON SALE $45 AUD
- Limited edition of 5 hand finished skull Giclee prints $180 AUD
Large or medium (Mens cut) white tee comes in a hand screenprinted box, with signed 3 colour A4 screenprint & Meggs stickers. Edition of 50:
- COMING SOON : A limited edition RONExMEGGS signed photo print of the PM Collaboration mural. (Release date will be announced shortly).

So get on down to check out all the fresh new art at the Peoples Market before the end of Jan!


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Nov 28, 2012

I see you.

The peoples market opens this Saturday in Stanly St Collingwood.

If you haven’t already seen it, Meggs and Rone have painted a massive wall down there which is well worth seeing in person. One of the largest walls to get painted in Melbourne l’d say.

Here’s a peek…

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Nov 4, 2012


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Sep 19, 2012

You have mail.

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Jul 18, 2012

Rone “Fall From Grace” Recap

My latest exhibition, patient Fall from Grace is now over, search thank you so much to everyone who came to see it.
Special thanks to Tony Mott for the photography, troche Hannah Marshall for the Make-Up and of course the stunning Bridget Neilson.

Callum Preston (AKA the Tooth) produced this beautiful video & photos which captures the evening and the artwork perfectly:

Rone “Fall From Grace” Recap from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

Fall From Grace.png Fall From Grace1.jpeg Fall From Grace2.jpeg Fall From Grace3.jpeg Fall From Grace4.png Fall From Grace5.png Picture 1.png

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May 15, 2012

Long Story – Tom Civil – 25th May

Long time friend and brand new resident at Everfresh Studio, decease Tom Civil is have an exhibition next week at House of Bricks.



Hand-printed Woodcut and
Lino Prints, rx Stencils, Carvings
& Engravings.

Showing at House of Bricks
40 Budd Street, Collingwood
Opening 6- 9pm Friday 25th May, 2012
Open everyday until 3rd June
(Weekends 12-5pm, Weekdays 7.30am-4.30pm)


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Apr 19, 2012

Old Collingwood tech school

Arts Vic are about to convert the old tech school in Collingwood into a new home for Circus Oz. Meggs & I were invited to take a peek inside the night before builders took over the site…

P4190061.jpg P4190063.jpg P4190064.jpg P4190066.jpg P4190068.jpg P4190069.jpg P4190071.jpg P4190075.jpg P4190080.jpg P4190089.jpg P4190091.jpg P4190093.jpg P4190099.jpg P4190101.jpg P4190102.jpg P4190106.jpg P4190107.jpg P4190108.jpg P4190109.jpg P4190112.jpg P4190116.jpg P4190117.jpg P4190118.jpg P4190119.jpg P4190120.jpg P4190123.jpg

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Apr 12, 2012


Hogans Gallery, mind Collingwood 2012.

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Apr 1, 2012

Phibs //Backwoods / Beastman//House of Bricks – 27 April

Here’s something new. Two solo shows on the same night right around the corner from each other:

Backwoods Gallery and House of Bricks, under the curation of Alexander Mitchell proudly bring you separate yet intrinsically connected exhibitions of two Australian street artists, Phibs and Brad Eastman, (Beastman).

Spread across two galleries on the same Collingwood block the duel exhibitions will present the the styles, connections, influences and friendship of two of Australia’s leading street artists.

The opening night party will take place across the neighborhood with the extension of murals between the two galleries.

27th April – 6May
Opening Night 27th April. 6-9

Phibs – Perfectly Imperfect – Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street, Collingwood

Beastman – Natural Progression – House Of Bricks
40 Budd Street, Collingwood




Phibs is the one of the most respected and renowned name in Australian Graffiti and Street Art.

Responsible for the tutelage of many of Australia’s leading street artists including the Everfresh crew and fellow exhibitor Beastman, Phibs’s crisps iconic freehand delineation are so clean and precise that they are often mistaken for stencils, the product of decades of practice in the mastery of aerosol.

His public artworks are prolific in Melbourne & Sydney and are far-flung across the globe. Several of his works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia for its permanent collection. He has painted so many walls around Fitzroy, an inner suburb of Melbourne, that the suburb has affectionately become known as ‘Phibsroy’ by the locals.

Phibs distinctive style signifies the symbiotic, engaging the urban with the organic. He produces works across a vast variety of mediums and consistently reflects his own unique realms of symbolism, multiculturalism and mythology. Largely inspired by nature, his works have spawned a menagerie of signature characters.


‘Natural Progression’ is a continuation of the artist’s successful
‘Cosmic Nature’ exhibition which took place Sydney in December 2011.

Beastman’s innovative new paintings explore the futuristic and
overwhelming idea of nature coming to life in a way we could have never imagined. The artist’s new colour palette and further development of his distinctive style reflect the different elements of our young world and the organic lines and often symmetrical geometric patterns found in nature. The deities featured in his ambitious new works are a representation of nature progressing beyond the boundaries of our imagination, when the cosmic forces of nature eventually reveal the irrelevance of humanity in the universe.

In his first show here since July 2010, Beastman is bringing to Melbourne his unique style and new direction. Travelling around Australia and the world painting large scale aerosol works has noticeably evolved his unique and well recognized style. Alongside his
new paintings, this exhibition will celebrate the release of a new limited edition print and will also feature an installation of many unseen drawings, sketches and other materials. The installation will expose the artist’s thoughts and artmaking processes whilst revealing
the natural progression of his work over the last two years.

Awarded Best Artist at the Sydney Music Arts and Culture (SMAC) Awards, Beastman is one of Australia’s most distinctive and prolific artists. He has exhibited his work and painted large scale murals all over Australia, as well as in New Zealand, London, Berlin, Hong Kong and New York.

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Mar 15, 2012


One from the archives – long since gone.

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Jan 31, 2012


The third and final wall in the series is now done.

RONE & WONDER: Won’t Stop. Collingwood 2012.

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Jan 27, 2012

Won’t Stop.

Rone and l finished off the third and final wall in the series early on Australia Day on Wellington St in Collingwood.

Final pic’s of the Won’t Stop wall along with the others to come.

Here’s a preview.

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    @r_o_n_e has taken over the @off_canvas account and will be posting a bunch of work, plus a bit of inspiration. Head over there to check it out.


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    Afternoon light and @thomascivilian #everfreshstudio


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    Our mate @kirpy_ has been working from the studio on a new body of work for @portjacksonpressgallery. Always great to have folks visit and work in our space. #everfreshstudio #kirpy #strencilrevolution


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    This is going down, or actually back, on Smith at right now. @callumpreston’s show #bootlegtothefuture is on at @hogan_gallery


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    @callumpreston putting some finishing touches on his #bootlegtothefuture show that opens tomorrow night at @hogan_gallery. Not to be missed. 📷 by @davehustlehof


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    👴 Welcome to Sunny Fitzroy. Amazing image by @courtneyillustrator #everfreshstudio #fitzroy


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    Never not painting. @phibs_has_instagram #everfreshstudio


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    This Saturday 😎


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