Nov 4, 2013


This week l’m heading up to Wonderwalls in Wollongong thanks to the Hours guys.

Be good to catch up with a lot crew and paint some big walls.
Come past and say hi if you are up that way, should be a huge 3 days!

More info here.


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Jun 5, 2013

Unit44 Gallery – INTO THE DARK – Newcastle UK

I am stoked to be included in Unit44′s INTO THE DARK group show, launching June 12th, The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle.
This yearly event featuring the finest international artists and the most iconic forgotten locations and the line-up for this show is pretty incredible to say the least. – Meggs

Exhibition info:

“Inspired by the incredible project from New York we pay tribute to a slice of North East England history in the form of our Victoria Tunnel. Dating back to 1842 the tunnel facilitated the need to transport goods from one side of Newcastle to the other during a thriving industrial boom in the region. However it was during wartime that the tunnel found true providence and purpose. During the Second World War the tunnel was fitted out for use as an air raid shelter to protect those from falling shells. The structure would provide shelter for over 9,000 people at one time during times of fear and hardship.

Now the tunnels provide a completely unique backdrop and prologue to a new body of works from some of our favourite artists. Known for creating a story, a scenario, and true depiction of character we have chosen the true dream weavers to bring this show to life. We invite you to pay tribute to Industry, Resilience, and the Human Spirit in the face of dark times.”

This is the first time the space will have been used for an exhibition of this nature, with only twelve participants able to go ‘Into The Dark’ at any one time, we have limited thirty-minute slots on June 12th. Online tickets will be released twelve days before the event at twelve midday (June 12th).

Check the following links for more info:



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Jan 4, 2013

Meggs COMA Space – Peoples Market – January

For the duration of January I have a pop-up exhibition in the COMA art spaces, clinic at the Peoples Market collingwood, order alongside my very talented friends Micheal Danischewski x Sam Octigan, ambulance Steen Jones x Melissa Findlay & James Hartley (Esquire!)

Some artworks exclusively available at the Meggs COMA (until end of January) are:
- Limited Edition COMA He-Man plaster cast heads: ON SALE $45 AUD
- Limited edition of 5 hand finished skull Giclee prints $180 AUD
Large or medium (Mens cut) white tee comes in a hand screenprinted box, with signed 3 colour A4 screenprint & Meggs stickers. Edition of 50:
- COMING SOON : A limited edition RONExMEGGS signed photo print of the PM Collaboration mural. (Release date will be announced shortly).

So get on down to check out all the fresh new art at the Peoples Market before the end of Jan!


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Dec 10, 2012

New2 – In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom. Dec 15

White Walls Presents:

In One Hand a Ghost, viagra the Other an Atom A Solo Show by New2

White Walls is pleased to present In One Hand a Ghost, buy cialis the Other an Atom a solo show featuring new works from Australian artist New2. The exhibition will feature between 16 and 24 pieces large-scale works made entirely from paper.

The opening reception will be Saturday, December 15th from 6-9 PM, and is free and open to the public for viewing through January 5th, 2013.


All the works of New2 are hand-cut layered paper

collages, crafted with even more detailed than the work New2 debuted in 941 Geary’s

showcase of the top contemporary Australian artists, Young and Free. With 28 years of

writing on trains and in the street, New2’s mastery is evident, with some pieces

displaying the artist’s more traditional lettering, while others break off into progressive

new forms. Paper is not a medium one normally associates with graffiti. New2’s

meticulously-layered collages push our standard conception of the art form. The bold

compositions take on a different shape depending on the angle they’re seen from, and the unexpected dips and valleys in the lightweight material creates a striking juxtaposition.


New2 began painting in Melbourne Australia in the early 1980s. He is a founding

member of the Da Mad Artists (DMA) crew who were prominent figures in the Australian

train writing movement. He was part of the first generation of writers and street artists to

gain recognition outside of Australia. New2 is still writing on walls and also investigating

other areas of his creative field, utilizing paper collage, ceramic versions of his lettering,

and wooden sculptures. He has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Australia,

United States and Europe. Whilst his walls pieces are visually modern and progressive,

his work respects the ongoing tradition of letter writing.

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Nov 20, 2012

Meggs – Truth in Myth II

Sorry for the delay, finally I’m able to post final photos of the install and main canvas works from my recent solo show at Backwoods gallery in Melbourne.
Thanks again to all who attended for their support! Cheers, Meggs.

More images of process works and recent stuff can be seen via my instagram account here.

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Nov 19, 2012

Maka Art Show Nov 29 – House of Bricks – All welcome


Check for more details and you can email me for a catalogue.



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Nov 14, 2012

Urban Masters – 2012

As most of us can’t make it to London right now here is a Video from the Urban masters Exhibtion. Hope you are up to speed with your French…

Urban Masters 2012 at Factory 7 / Opera Gallery London / Butterfly / ANV ( 09/11 – 18/11 ) from BEYONDER on Vimeo.

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Oct 30, 2012

Wonderwalls Wollongong – An Exhibition . A Discussion . A City filled with colour

Thanks to the amazing team at the Hours, online Meggs, sick Phibs & Myself are stoked to be part of this project they have been working on with Verb Syndicate in Wollongong:


WONDERWALLS is a three day art festival presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak, featuring some of Australia’s most well known Low Brow artists. The weekend of the 9th – 11th of November we will be hosting an exhibition, an exclusive panel discussion AND a series of small & large scale murals being painted around the Wollongong CBD.



If you’re in Wollongong, come join us on the weekend. If you’re from Sydney, it’s only a short drive down the coast. Come for the day, stay for the weekend. Enjoy three days of Australia’s best street and graffiti art, absolutely free.

Visit the WONDERWALLS website for more info.


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Oct 17, 2012

Pow Wow 2012

Finally there is a video that explains what Pow Wow is:

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part I from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part II from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part III from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.

Following up on an extremely successful showing in 2011, the multi-day POW WOW Hawai’i art event had its third annual showing in 2012. Originally conceived in Hong Kong, the event moved to Hawaii to help enrich the local creative scene. The event encompasses a global roster of over 50 local and international artists who created art at Loft in Space + Fresh Cafe and over the streets of Kaka’ako over a six-day period between February 13 to 18, 2012.
This first part in a three part series documents POW WOW Hawai’i 2012. Part 2 releases on Friday, Oct. 12th and part 3 comes out on Monday, Oct. 15th.
Directed & Edited by: Michael Inouye
Director of Photography: Vincent Ricafort

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Sep 24, 2012

Rone – Darkest Before the Dawn // White Walls Gallery SF

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to the opening of my first US exhibition at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco.

If you can’t make it to the US all images of the works are here

img_5965.jpeg img_5967.jpeg img_5978.jpeg img_5981.jpeg img_5983.jpeg img_5984.jpeg img_5986.jpeg img_5987.jpeg img_5989.jpeg

A huge thanks to White Walls Gallery for having me, you can read an interview I did with them on their blog here

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Sep 24, 2012


While i was in San Fran I was lucky enough to see Barry McGee’s mid career retrospective. Truly inspiring to see a graffiti artist at this level in the art world










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Aug 30, 2012

Devil in the details

Here’s a few detail shots of the works I just finished-

P8290702.jpg P8290703.jpg P8290704.jpg P8290707.jpg

‘Darkest before the Dawn’ open Sept 8 at White Walls

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Aug 27, 2012

Darkest before the Dawn- Sep 8. White Walls

Thanks to Callum for putting together this amazing vid for my show

RONE. White Walls San Francisco preparation from Callum Preston on Vimeo.

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Aug 13, 2012

Fred Fowler @ Backwoods this Friday


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Fred Fowler is a Melbourne based contemporary artist with a background in street art and graffiti. After living in Paris and travelling throughout Europe for a year in 2009 – 2010, Fred returned to Melbourne to study at the Victorian College of the Arts, he is currently completing his second and final year of the Master of Contemporary Art degree under the supervision of Jon Cattapan. Decorating the Apocalypse is his third solo exhibition and is a culmination of work completed over the last four years.

Decorating the Apocalypse is a playful investigation of themes related to cultural identity. Images of masks and faces function as the primary signifiers in Fowler’ work. Through sculpture, painting and printmaking, he is questioning the ‘mythologies’ or artificial constructs surrounding issues of identity. Cheap, plastic, Chinese-manufactured toys are sourced locally before being deconstructed and re-configured, to finally emerge – through the ancient process of casting – as intricate, bronze masks. Kitsch wooden ‘primitive’ masks, found in flea markets in Paris and Melbourne, are methodically vandalized, painted and re-presented as cultural artifacts of contemporary society.

Backwoods Gallery presents Decorating the Apocalypse
New works by Fred Fowler

17th August – 26th August 2012
Opening night 17th August 6 – 8pm

25 Easey St Collingwood Vic 3066
Gallery Hours
3 – 6pm Thurs – Fri
12 – 6pm Sat – Sun

For more information visit or


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Aug 13, 2012

Surface- Six years Later exhibiton- August 23


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    Background noise. @mayonaize #everfreshstudio


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    @r_o_n_e has taken over the @off_canvas account and will be posting a bunch of work, plus a bit of inspiration. Head over there to check it out.


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    Afternoon light and @thomascivilian #everfreshstudio


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    Our mate @kirpy_ has been working from the studio on a new body of work for @portjacksonpressgallery. Always great to have folks visit and work in our space. #everfreshstudio #kirpy #strencilrevolution


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    This is going down, or actually back, on Smith at right now. @callumpreston’s show #bootlegtothefuture is on at @hogan_gallery


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    @callumpreston putting some finishing touches on his #bootlegtothefuture show that opens tomorrow night at @hogan_gallery. Not to be missed. 📷 by @davehustlehof


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    Hello Fitzroy. 📷 by @no_negatives #everfreshstudio


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    👴 Welcome to Sunny Fitzroy. Amazing image by @courtneyillustrator #everfreshstudio #fitzroy


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    Never not painting. @phibs_has_instagram #everfreshstudio


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    This Saturday 😎


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